Laurie Waggener, RRT, IIDA, CHID, EDAC

Director, Research for Healthcare

Associate Principal

As Director of Research for Healthcare, Laurie has merged two careers – clinical management and interior design. Her background enables her to provide knowledge-driven solutions and specifications for multiple department types and service lines within the acute care and ambulatory hospital setting. Laurie leads the efforts in the implementation of informed design through all phases of the healthcare facility design process. She also coordinates original healthcare design research efforts with an emphasis on clinical efficiency, care giver effectiveness, workplace ergonomics, and patient safety.


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The webinar, co-presented by Laurie Waggener, reveals a systematic approach to address the basic human needs of both the patient and the practitioner in order to achieve wellness and optimal human accomplishment — ultimately leading to an improved patient experience with an engaged workforce.

Can healthcare facilities promote patient and staff wellness while also engaging with the community and incorporating other sustainability principles? Thanks to organizations like Planetree and the Urban Land Institute's Health Places Initiatives, there is a growing awareness of the link between design and well-being. In this article from Medical Construction & Design, Tushar and Laurie provide snapshots of current buildings and features that address these issues, all while applying the latest techniques for infection control.

Infection control and prevention are serious concerns in healthcare facilities. In this article for Medical Construction & Design, Laurie explains the challenges as well as the solutions healthcare providers continually pursue to effectively control infection risk.

In Health Facilities Management Magazine, Laurie explains how the built environment can support patient care by reducing incidents of human error. Evidence-based design and research guides architects and the client in making best practice decisions.

The body of knowledge and research in the industry is increasing dramatically for designers to one day quantify interior materials as significant tools in meeting the health care organizational goals of improving safety, well-being, worker performance and facilities management.

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