Leigh Stringer LEED AP


Managing Principal - Washington DC, Workplace Strategy

Senior Principal

I get up every morning thinking about how I can help protect the environment, improve human health, and advance more women into leadership roles. These goals motivate me, big time!

At EYP, my work involves workplace strategy and research. So, it’s my job to understand how space, technology, business, policy, operations, and human behavior intersect. This role is a place where I can tap into all of my passions and make a real difference. I help clients reduce their footprint and operational costs, select and fit out buildings to improve the health of their employees, and create flexible ways to deliver work, which in turn, retains top talent (particularly women).

Living through a pandemic has made my work as a workplace strategist more important than ever. Partnering with clients to help them navigate “what’s next” has been some of the most rewarding and challenging work of my career.