Leigh Stringer, LEED AP

Workplace Strategy

Leigh helps clients create inspiring, sustainable and high-performing workplace environments that facilitate collaboration and enhance wellness and productivity, and leads workplace research for EYP. Her diverse projects include master plans for the Architect of the Capitol and workplace strategies for GlaxoSmithKline, The MITRE Corporation, Zurich Financial, American Express and Georgia Pacific. She has conducted major workplace research studies for the GSA and Ernst & Young, as well as facility programs for Heathrow Airport and Columbia University Medical Center School of Public Health and Dentistry.

Leigh has been interviewed for her work by CNN, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal and Good Morning America as well as radio and podcasts hosts everywhere. She is the author of two best-selling books, The Green Workplace: Sustainable Strategies that Benefit Employees, the Environment and the Bottom Line and The Healthy Workplace: How to Improve the Well-Being of Your Employees – and Boost Your Company’s Bottom Line. Leigh also regularly writes for a number of magazines and newspapers about how space plays a role in health, wellness, engagement, and performance.

Leigh is currently collaborating with Harvard University’s School of Public Health, the Center for Active Design in New York, and the AIA DC Chapter on Health and Well-being to create new tools to connect like minds and to blur the boundaries across industries in order to advance our improve our well-being at work. She is excited to be on the Advisory Board of a new nonprofit organization, Global Women for Wellbeing.


Implementing Workplace Design Strategies to Improve Emotional Safety

by Leigh Stringer

Glass walled meeting room with exterior views

Renowned workplace strategy and well-being specialist Leigh Stringer’s Work Design article explores workplace design strategies that support emotional safety while proactively reducing the opportunity for unacceptable behavior to occur. Her research-based piece discusses nine design strategies, including “safe” areas throughout workplace environments and incorporation of nurturing health and wellness spaces.

Optimizing Wellness in the Workplace

by Leigh Stringer

EYP Boston Office

American Builders Quarterly highlights our expertise on developing wellness-oriented solutions for today’s ever-evolving office space. Building upon research that shows healthy workers are more productive, Leigh Stringer, workplace research and strategy expert at EYP Architecture & Engineering, is exploring new gateways toward financial and personal well-being. 

How do we measure human performance, and what does it mean for the workplace?

by Leigh Stringer

Houston office

How does your organization measure health and human performance? Well, the answer might vary depending on who you ask, but new tools and methods are taking a more comprehensive and objective approach to the study.

10 Healthy Strategies for Maximizing Employee Productivity

by Leigh Stringer

Research demonstrates that integrating healthy practices into the workplace can help foster engagement, improve employee performance, and increase the bottom line. In The Globe and Mail article, “Have a Healthy New Year,” Leigh Stringer explores 10 healthy workplace strategies that companies can incorporate to maximize success.

Improved Workplace Ventilation Shown in Studies to Double Cognitive Function Scores

by Leigh Stringer

EYP's Leigh Stringer, in collaboration with research partners Eileen McNeely, and Joe Allen with the TH Chan Harvard School of Public Health share how to identify and measure drivers of wellness in a recent article for Tradeline Inc.

How Work and Health Can Go Together

by Leigh Stringer

Do you actually know what’s happening biologically in your body when you experience stress—and what that means for your ability to make decisions?

Exercise desks and motion-sensing furniture: The new realm of active office products

by Leigh Stringer

Fit Women Running on Treadmill

Leigh Stringer, LEED AP, EYP's workplace strategy expert, brings her exceptional insight into the subject of the ergonomic workplace - what works and what needs improvement.

An Interview with Joanna Frank from the Center for Active Design

by Leigh Stringer

FITWEL is a new certification developed by the Centers for Disease Control and the US General Services Administration to evaluate workplaces for supporting human health and wellbeing

Leigh Stringer interviewed Joanna Frank, Executive Director of the Center for Active Design about the certification, and how CfAD will be administering FITWEL.

Leigh Stringer Interviewed on the Importance of Office Culture

by Leigh Stringer

Leigh was recently interviewed by the American Management Association on how office culture & environment makes a huge impact on the well-being of a company and its employees.

The Real Reason Open Offices Bother Us So Much

by Leigh Stringer

Open workplaces designed to encourage innovation and creativity often have the reverse effect, but there are practical solutions for helping managers (and those of us designing work spaces) think differently about the way we approach open work and work environments.

Unlocking Creativity At Work

by Leigh Stringer

An Interview with Teresa Amabile, Professor and Director of Research at Harvard Business School, on a closer look at creativity and the physical environment.

Healthy Buildings and Beyond

by Leigh Stringer

An Interview with Paul Scialla, Founder of Delos and the International WELL Building Institute on building standards that focus exclusively on human health and wellness.

How Space Influences Your Attitudes, Behaviors and Biases

by Leigh Stringer

A conversation with a self-professed "feng shui master" Sally Augustin, PhD, whose focus is on the science of space – helping people live their best lives.

The Benefits of Circadian Lighting

by Leigh Stringer

A good portion of our global workforce spends a larger portion of each day indoors, which essentially puts workers in a state of “light deficiency.” We need more intense light to reset our biological clock.

The Importance of Choice on Worker Health

by Leigh Stringer

Workers who have control over their work and work environment typically have more positive health outcomes, even if they have stressful jobs.

The Business Case for Health

by Leigh Stringer

An interview with Ron Goetzel of Johns Hopkins University who discusses the business case behind comprehensive health programs and healthy workplaces.

Designing a "Free-Range" Workplace

by Leigh Stringer

The latest research points to the importance of movement, relaxation, giving our brains places of psychological restoration, and bumping into new people and places to trigger new ideas.

How Space Impacts Behavior

by Leigh Stringer

An Interview with Jennifer Stevens, PhD, who studies how our behavior is impacted by the spaces we occupy.

The How and Why of When Nature has Evolved Different Strategies

by Leigh Stringer

Knowing when and how to be robust or efficient is a critical decision for almost every aspect of life, and learning the how and why of when nature has evolved different strategies for each can be enlightening.

Telemedicine and the Buildings of the Future

by Leigh Stringer

An interview with Dr. Tom Hale, Executive Director of Mercy Virtual, who shares how telemedicine should be accommodated in the buildings of the future.

Individual and Group "Flow" in the Workplace

by Leigh Stringer

How to accommodate individual and group “flow” into the workplace.

The Value of Urban Friction

by Leigh Stringer

The concept of “urban friction” and how space can facilitate it.

How Can Space Promote Creativity?

by Leigh Stringer

The neuroscience behind creativity and how space can promote it.

We Shape Our Buildings

by Leigh Stringer

The real story behind Churchill’s quote, “We shape our buildings; thereafter, our buildings shape us” and what we can take away from his words.

Love It or Hate It: Why the "Open Office" is Under Fire

by Leigh Stringer

A different way to think about open office environments.