Linda Hamdan PE

Engineering Team Leader

Senior Associate

With a passion for people and making connections, I enjoy designing and collaborating across the aisle. Being a mechanical engineer and project manager for 14 years in the power industry provided me two things: solid technical experience and a hunger for growth and exploration. So in 2020, I decided to switch from designing and managing engineering projects to managing a group of engineers across six disciplines and four sectors at EYP. And here, I have been able to take my passion for people into my work in a whole new way.

Taking the time to understand the different perspectives and needs of staff and clients alike allows me to find effective ways to do great work and have fun along the way. How and why we do our work is as important to me as delivering a quality design to our clients. In this role, I can help maintain what's working and collaborate with open-minded and innovative leaders to continuously make us better. EYP's commitment to people first aligns perfectly with my belief that if we take care of each other and challenge ourselves in positive ways, we can create an environment where people thrive and clients love to work with us. Let's go.