Mark Vaughan AIA, FACHA, LSSBB

National Director of Medical Planning

Senior Principal

As a lead medical planner, I am passionate about aligning spatial design with ideal clinical process. Always striving to discover what is possible, I enjoy leading healthcare client engagements with visionary rigor and guiding stakeholders toward breakthrough solutions.

What is the appropriate message to be conveyed by each unique healthcare project? How do we strike a balance between optimum user experience and research-informed design, lean thinking and future flexibility? For more than 28 years, I have been asking these questions and honing my empathetic listening skills to design safer, efficient, and effective healing environments.

Working for healthcare clients throughout the United States on a variety of multi-phased renovation and greenfield projects has played an important role in my lean-thinking journey and is the inspiration behind many of my articles and national lectures. With the consumer always front of mind, I look forward to creatively and collaboratively solving future planning challenges for better patient outcomes and ideal health experiences.