Matthew Chalifoux FAIA

Senior Historic Preservation Architect

Senior Principal

Who doesn't love old buildings?

I believe that every building has value — historical, environmental, economic, and personal. Identifying and quantifying that value becomes a journey of discovery that requires the skills, knowledge, and passion of a diverse team of architects, engineers, conservators, and historians. I enjoy being part of and driving that team effort, and I've focused my career on not just preserving buildings but modernizing them to meet your needs today and in the future. On every project, I am fascinated by how your building's unique nature becomes the genesis of extraordinary design ideas and fascinating stories.

Great buildings — great projects — inevitably provide great stories. Sharing these narratives with clients, the community, and industry peers through the American Institute of Architects and the Association for Preservation Technology is a natural part of my project involvement. Each story shines a spotlight on these remarkable buildings that highlights our communities' cultures and identities.

What's possible for your old building? I'll look for opportunities inherent in your structure to maximize its value and work with you to create a sustainable future based on our shared history.