Mezio Zangirolami AIA, LEED AP

Lead Designer

Associate Principal

Did you know that I am a big fan of hats? It’s true! Besides the plethora in my closet, I have worn many during my 20+ year career in healthcare architecture. As an integrator, I lead the architectural design process using a strategic and collaborative approach, resulting in a tailored solution supporting your goals related to care, experience, business, and identity.

Besides hats, I also love design. I am a designer and a kid at heart, which is why I have dedicated my career to designing environments for children. I enjoy the unique opportunities that pediatric healthcare offers. After having two “little” ones of my own, I cherish their perspective, wonder, and imagination. I strive to bring this energy to every project and have worked with many of the nation's Top 10 children’s hospitals.

“Children see magic because they look for it” (by Christopher Moore) is one of my favorite quotes, and it inspires my design philosophy. I look forward to discovering the magic in your vision.