Morgan Aven

Project Planner

Senior Associate

I attended my first college course at the age of 4. To be fair, my father was the professor teaching it, and I was there because daycare fell through. But it was observing his enthusiasm for helping his students succeed that gave me my first step (of many) into a career of supporting higher education clients accomplish their missions through impactful designs.

Now as an Associate Architect at EYP, I'm able to harness that passion for higher education to a constructive end (no pun intended). I've been lucky to have worked on a wide range of campus buildings, from a 1,200-bed residence hall to STEM buildings and technical laboratories. No matter the scope or program, I work collaboratively with clients to fully address their needs, whether promoting/enhancing their larger mission or managing their day-to-day needs for a project.

My other responsibilities as an Associate Architect have me bridge the gap between the client and the EYP design team. Throughout the lifetime of a project, I'll wear any number of hats. I could be designing innovative spaces to support student success in the morning, only to spearhead a project's construction in the afternoon. No matter the task at hand, I undertake it with the knowledge that my efforts will support Higher Education's broader mission.