Portia Ellis AIA

Studio Design Principal


I find beauty in the dichotomy between technology and nature. These concepts are inherent to my design work in Healthcare Architecture, Pediatric Architecture, and Master Planning.

I am fortunate to have worked on many pediatric hospitals, children’s clinics, and medical campuses in the past 29 years. I have learned that technology equates continually shifting medical practice and social habits. As your practice progresses, this inevitable fluctuation has taught me to design for flexibility as we strive for innovation together in your building.

On the other hand, I have found a constant value in designing with nature and the natural environment. Master planning for future phases, site planning to include healing gardens, and incorporating natural light to create spaces that promote healing invigorates me. Children love the natural world and being outdoors. I enjoy integrating both passive and active play into my pediatric projects.

Are you looking for a balanced design solution that addresses both technical and humanistic aspects? Let’s work together to design an answer to your organization’s unique goals. Let’s craft beautiful spaces to enhance the patient experience and to retain and recruit the best staff. Let’s design beautiful architecture to ensure your success.