Rohit Saxena AIA, LEED AP

Science & Technology Sector Co-Leader


Modernizing existing, fully-occupied science research buildings with complex utilities and systems and multiple design and construction phases is where I do some of my best work.

Finding robust solutions that focus on directing more of your construction dollars towards your building program remains an essential focus of my effort. Achieving this goal means developing strong long-term relationships with clients, engineers, and contractors. And as a Senior Project Director at EYP, I remain hands-on with our project teams and clients from the day we are hired until well after our clients are settled into their new facilities.

A key question to answer remains, how do we design research buildings for our clients to tackle science and innovation that has yet to be discovered? How much flexibility is enough, and what systems should our research buildings have today that will serve us tomorrow? Thirty-five years of pushing for answers to these questions in the life and physical sciences fields has taught me some valuable lessons. Lessons that are bringing us closer to helping our clients prepare for a future in science!

“What’s Possible?” for your science project? Let’s find out together.