Ron White SEGD

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Senior Associate

For me, design has a higher purpose than merely being the pursuit of "cool." Don't get me wrong; I love fun and innovative ideas. But before exploring particular design solutions, I believe first and foremost in asking how ideas can best serve the people. Will our design clearly orient, direct, inform, educate, and reassure? Will it authentically inspire, surprise, and delight? Holding our clients and end-users in the highest regard is a great starting point. And open communication and collaboration with them, from concept through implementation, fosters this compassionate and empathetic approach to our design solutions.

Twenty-five years of experience with a wide array of experiential graphics project types have also enriched my understanding of place-making and wayfinding needs. From projects like Atlanta's Mercedes-Benz Stadium's wayfinding, to the Georgia Aquarium's visitors' map design, to our SEGD award-winning experience design for Palmetto Children's Hospital, I continually pursue thoughtful, fully-integrated design solutions that blur the lines between design disciplines.

Let's create some extraordinary experiences together!