Sherri Shafiei, NCIDQ, IIDA

Senior Interior Designer

Associate Principal

Out of 20 years of experience, Sherri has dedicated 17 years to setting new standards for healing environments. She is a design leader who works closely with the client and their vision to create the best design solution for patients, their families, and caregivers. Her design skills have brought many projects to award-winning status, while she dedicates herself to ensure the project’s success for the client. Sherri's experience has made her successful in not only design, but also managing budgets and schedules while delivering the best project possible.


Older patients present healthcare facilities with a unique set of concerns, and a well-designed environment can help the elderly feel at ease and navigate the facility with confidence. In this article from Medical Construction & Design, Senior Interior Designer Sherri Shafiei and Senior Medical Planner Bhargav Goswami, provide a "Silver Architecture" checklist of solutions when designing for this patient population.