Teresa Rainey PE, LEED Fellow

Director of Engineering

Senior Principal

Understanding a client’s goals and then applying creative, integrated building system solutions to make them possible inspires me. As a LEED Fellow, I’m an advocate for sustainability and high-performing buildings. And what I enjoy most about high-performance engineering design is that while every project involves the same inquiry process, strategy development, and performance evaluation, the final design is never the same.

I bring 30 years of experience working on new construction and modernization projects to develop optimal systems for your project. Creating spaces that provide the best indoor environments with building systems that use resources efficiently is a goal for all my projects. Site location, client input, building performance analysis, and design team coordination inform effective building systems, so a synergistic, integrated approach is key to uncovering the right solutions.

And to meet today’s most pressing climate challenges, next-generation technologies are essential. Partnering with research institutions and national laboratories to provide industry guidance that helps advance these technologies is how I stay on top of cutting-edge information that will impact our future.