Project Planner, Senior Project Architect

Associate Principal

“Hey Ted, how would you like to design Embassies?”

That simple question from a friend back in 2005 led me to a new, exciting, and rewarding second phase of my architectural career. Before that, I had designed everything from chain restaurants to airports, multi-million-dollar vacation homes to maximum-security prisons. I was excited to challenge myself with something new. Now, working with embassies embraces my love of travel and new cultures, combining my broad professional experience and wanderlust to design and build safe, secure, and functional facilities worldwide.

Government projects are in a world of their own, with unique jargon, specialized security requirements, particular customs, and contextual materials from across the globe. I’ve contributed to projects in 55 countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Zambia (yes, A to Z), each has supported our diplomatic missions abroad. I’m excited to discover “What’s Possible?” for the next project.