A Breakdown of Healthcare Construction Delivery Methods

by Charles Griffin

November 09, 2015

You’re a healthcare project manager responsible for constructing a new building in your system, and it’s time to review and make recommendations to your leadership on the project delivery approach. This is the legal/contractual arrangement that will define the relationships that the hospital will have with the project delivery team, including the design team and consultants, and the construction team and its subcontractors.

What are your project delivery options and how do they vary?

Contracting methods are evolving in response to the challenges of delivering a successful, large-scale healthcare project. Meanwhile, as the Affordable Care Act is more clearly understood, most hospitals are learning to work with the regulations and are motivated by new reimbursement models to pursue outpatient or ambulatory care sites. This trend moves patient care away from the inpatient environment and into smaller, less complex facilities.

Depending upon the type, scope, and scale of a project, the delivery method of choice will vary. Further complicating the picture, there are a variety of pros and cons to consider within even the most successful delivery methods. 

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Charles Griffin

Senior Director, Healthcare