EYP MassChallenge Scholarship Update

by Jeff Schantz

February 23, 2017

In June of 2016, at the start of a new MassChallenge Accelerator program, 12 start-ups applied for the EYP Scholarship for Design Innovation. Our goal was to identify and support start-ups who inspire creativity and problem-solving through design.

Competition was intense. We were blown away by the talent, drive, and pure determination of all applicants, especially the three finalist teams. Based on our criteria that funding would be awarded to the start-up focused on challenges that impact the built environment, product design, and engineering, we are proud to announce our scholarship recipient: EMBR Labs, a technology start-up founded by recent MIT graduates. The primary design intent for their comfort tech bracelet, called "Wristify", is to provide personalized thermal relief by giving the wearer access to warming or cooling sensations on demand. The technology also acts as a real-time occupant feedback input device that creates data metrics for smarter building control and improved operations. Congrats EMBR team!

Good luck to all 2017 season MassChallenge applicants! Be sure to review your scholarship opportunities, and apply to ours if you approach problem-solving through design. Scholarship information will be available on the MassChallenge website in late spring/early summer. 

Jeff Schantz

Jeff Schantz, AIA

Science & Technology Sector Leader