Inside the Green Lab: Lewis Morgante

featuring Lewis Morgante

August 17, 2020

Born in Boston and raised in and around the DC Metropolitan area, Lewis is wise beyond his years, and the Green Lab is lucky to have his technical skills. As a 2015 University of Maryland grad and licensed mechanical engineer, Lewis solves complex engineering problems for one purpose: positively impacting people and the environment. His ambition is fueled by a lifelong dream to create value for his community, and through engineering, he can do just that.

His ultimate strength? Improving what’s already there – leaving buildings in better shape than when the drawings first landed on his desk.

How did he get here? Lewis reflects, “After three years working as a mechanical engineer in the A/E industry and deepening my passion for high performance design, the opportunity to join EYP and the Green Lab was the perfect way to take my career in the direction I wanted."

Being a part of an integrated architecture and engineering firm has pushed Lewis out of his comfort zone as he collaborates with individuals who may not always share the same perspective, but always strive to achieve mutual understanding and client satisfaction.

When we asked if there’s an ultimate goal Lewis wanted to solve with his work, the answer was, “leading by example and encouraging teammates to understand others’ points of view, an issue that is ever-prominent in our world today.”