Inside the Green Lab: Teresa Rainey

featuring Teresa Rainey

February 18, 2021

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Teresa’s superpower is creatively conceptualizing and implementing ideas, systems, and technology that bring sustainability to the forefront of our designs. She advocates for involving engineers in the early design process so the whole team understands our clients’ vision and works together to find optimal solutions that yield long-term sustainability and wellness benefits. 

Teresa sees buildings as “living machines” and believes their design should optimize energy and indoor environments, making it easier for society to coexist with the built environment. This thought process led to forming the EYP Green Lab, a dynamic group of building performance analysts whose core mission is to go beyond sustainability to impact more than climate change. For Teresa, this means creating spaces for people to perform at their best, including optimal air quality and thermal and visual comfort, while also managing our natural resources by reducing energy, carbon, water, and waste.

As Director of Engineering, Teresa serves as a mentor to our approximately 50-person engineering team spread across five offices nationwide. When asked to share one piece of advice with her team, she said, “Engineering is design - let’s challenge ourselves to develop building system solutions that shape architecture and make engineering visible.”

Teresa Rainey

Director of Engineering

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