Celebrating Diversity with iFest

October 03, 2022

To celebrate multiculturalism and diversity, EYP, a Page company (Page/EYP) hosted activities and gatherings across offices during September. A leading tradition in the City of Houston, Texas (one of the most ethnically diverse regions in the US), iFest has been celebrated annually in our Houston office since 2017. This year, we expanded the festivities to all offices.

“We celebrate iFest to promote our cultural diversity and to share our array of traditions and backgrounds,” said Houston Office Manager and Culture Champion Calvin Avent. “It’s an enriching, fun way to learn about the heritage and customs of our colleagues. iFest is important to all of us collectively, and has become a quintessential way for everyone to exhibit the firm's diversity.”

Shared experiences such as iFest help establish and grow interpersonal relationships that enhance strong, collaborative work environments, which in turn support the great design solutions delivered by Page/EYP teams.