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March 15, 2022

Marketing Strategist Gabriela "Gaby" Mier is a natural leader. She is the Programs Chair for the Austin Chapter of the Society of Marketing Professional Services, as well as the Chapter Leader for the Boston College alumni association in Austin. But it's her work as a member of the National Board of Directors for the innovative foundation Design Museum Everywhere (DME), that we're highlighting in this profile.

How she became involved

I've been following DME for over a decade, and reconnected with the group in 2019. The organization was born in Boston and they are looking to expand...well, everywhere. Austin is a great next stop for them and I’m happy to be one of the founding Austin members working to bring design to all members of the community, not only to those who can “afford it.” I stepped into the national board member role in the summer of 2020.

What the role entails

As with a lot of non-profit organizations, the board of directors is meant to spread the word and raise funds; this is a big part of my responsibility. DME also has smaller committees dedicated to different skill sets and interests that allow me to educate myself about the industry, trends, and diversity and inclusion and also to share with others my expertise in areas like marketing and communications.

DME isn’t just focused on architecture. In fact, it encompasses every single aspect of design from architecture to user experience, industrial design, and professional design education. I am a trained designer even though I don’t practice architecture in my day-to-day life. Having a solid grasp on both sides of the spectrum helps me help my fellow board members look at a problem through a unique perspective.

Leading is a win-win

One of the benefits of serving in this role is the ability to pitch EYP for certain opportunities within DME. For example, last year we were able to get an article written by our very own Tushar Gupta published in Design Museum Magazine, a quarterly, national publication of DMI. In this issue we were able to write about our expertise but also showcase our client, Stamford Health. Two birds, one stone.

Why she loves it!

Design Museum Everywhere gives me the opportunity to not only serve a purpose that I love, in a field that I know, but to also connect my day job with an organization that helps make this industry better. It’s tough not to love.

Looking forward

As soon as the pandemic becomes more manageable and in-person events start to become the norm once again, I’m hoping to engage more of the local Austin community in exhibits and events that will help spread the word locally.

Gabriela Mier

Marketing Strategist

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