Reflecting on 30 Years with NPS

For 30 years, we've worked with the National Park Service (NPS) to preserve the memorials, monuments, and battlefields that help tell the story of our country’s history and safeguard these natural and cultural resources for future generations.

EYP and NPS By the Numbers

30 Years
350 Projects
95 Sites
15 States

To celebrate National Park Week, we asked some of our team members what the NPS means to them.

danielle%20pic_0.jpgDanielle Encela, Job Captain

“Working on NPS projects feels like a public service to me. I serve my community by ensuring that our national monuments withstand the test of time for future generations to experience. Whether it’s working on a visitor center renovation at Antietam National Battlefield, installing a new fire suppression system at Chatham Manor, or completing a masonry stabilization at Federal Hall, knowing that I am helping safeguard these historic sites gives me a great sense of pride as a professional. I can’t wait to bring my own child to these sites to share stories of my work and the beauty of our national parks.”

Jessica Petro, Lead Designer, Landscape Architect

“The National Park Service has always held a special place in my heart. In fact, my love for NPS is what inspired me to become a landscape architect. The opportunity to work with NPS to preserve and enhance public spaces that hold such historic, natural, and cultural significance is an honor. The thought that I could design projects that future generations will enjoy is something that drives me each day. A personal goal of mine is to visit all of our national parks, so any family vacation in the States is spent on a road trip to experience a new park and the adventures I know it holds.”


Dan Lazarz, Senior Fire Protection Engineer

“I have had the opportunity to work on many national parks over the last 17 years. My favorite is Faneuil Hall. I always bring family and friends visiting Boston to Faneuil Hall and other Freedom Trail landmarks. Because of my personal love for the park, being part of the team renovating Faneuil Hall was really an honor. Each park I’ve worked on has presented a unique opportunity to be thoughtful and creative in efforts to modernize, preserve, and protect these treasured buildings in a holistic way. I feel so blessed to have such a fantastic National Park Service to protect and honor our nation’s history and natural resources.”

Faneuil Hall

Deborah Fritz, Senior Project Director

“The best memories of my career have been at NPS projects. To name just one, going up to the crow’s nest and then all the way up to the Old Faithful Inn’s widow’s walk at Yellowstone National Park. I was working on a project at Yellowstone with another firm and was thrilled to work on Old Faithful Inn, an iconic example of Park architecture. The crow’s nest and the widow’s walk are barred to the public, and this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go up there is something I’ll never forget!”

tony%20graphic.jpgAnthony Bochicchio, Senior Project Director

“Work with the National Park Service is unique in that it provides an opportunity for me to provide professional services on challenging projects but also to connect to our country’s heritage. At any given time I may be working on a visitor center, a building systems upgrade, or a restoration of an historic structure or landscape. Supporting NPS’s mission is a rewarding labor for the firm and our profession but also a humbling opportunity to contribute in a special way as a citizen.”

Anthony Bochicchio

Senior Project Director

Danielle Encela

Job Captain

Deborah Fritz

Senior Project Director

Dan Lazarz

Senior Fire Protection Engineer

Jessica A. Petro

Lead Designer, Landscape Architect