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Jersey Shore University Medical Center Garners Gold in the Inaugural Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Awards


Members of the EYP team joined The Center for Health Design to celebrate the inaugural Evidence-Based Design (EBD) Touchstone Awards. The award recognizes the use of an evidence-based design process in the pursuit of increasing value, improving outcomes, and engaging stakeholders. Elements implemented in this project have had a measurable, positive impact on the patient experience and clinical delivery of care.

Hospitals and Healing Centers Combine Innovation, Evidence-Based Design, and a Patient-Centric Approach

New Stamford Hospital featured in CNN

Healthcare facility design is evolving away from featuring cold, sterile spaces to incorporating warm, welcoming areas that exceed the needs of doctors, patients, and families. This CNN Style article explores a new class of hospitals, many of include amenities that mirror those found in hotels. Showcased as an example of healthcare design excellence is Stamford Hospital, a facility created to maximize comfort and provide relaxing spaces for patients and caregivers incorporating the latest technologies.

Tour of Houston Methodist Outpatient Center

dusk detail shot of the Houston Methodist Outpatient Center

At the Healthcare Design Conference and Expo, our project with the Houston Methodist Outpatient Center was featured as one of the official tours of the conference. Healthcare Design magazine's Anne DiNardo joined Stephanie Schwindel on the tour and shared her thoughts in a blog post.

Focus on Wellness

by Tushar Gupta, Laurie Waggener

Stamford Hospital

Can healthcare facilities promote patient and staff wellness while also engaging with the community and incorporating other sustainability principles? Thanks to organizations like Planetree and the Urban Land Institute's Health Places Initiatives, there is a growing awareness of the link between design and well-being. In this article from Medical Construction & Design, Tushar and Laurie provide snapshots of current buildings and features that address these issues, all while applying the latest techniques for infection control.

Healthcare International

Forward-thinking design combines best practices from both American and European healthcare. The consortium of WHR Architects, KHR Arkitekter, and Arup were awarded the Bispebjerg Somatic Hospital project after an international competition. 

Supporting Evidence

Evidence-based design, the use of credible research as a basis for design decisions, has become a standard approach to health facility design and construction. According to the Center for Health Design, a Concord, Calif.-based research, education and advocacy group that works to advance best practices in health facility planning and design, more than 1,200 studies have linked the design of the built environment to health care quality and outcomes.

Performance-based finishes

by Laurie Waggener

Making informed design choices based on available data

People-centered Design

by Bhargav Goswami, Tushar Gupta, Mark Vaughan

We believe that we are human beings, caring for other human beings. That simple, profound statement is at the top of the list of Planetree beliefs. Although not every hospital is a part of the Planetree organization, an international advocacy group that partners with healthcare providers to create and support patient-centered care and cultures, healthcare facilities across the country are keenly focused on caring for patients, families and, just as importantly, staff.