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Testing EMBR Labs' New Wave Thermal Bracelet

EMBR Wave Bracelet

Builder Magazine profiles our partnership with Embr Labs, a tech startup founded by four Massachusetts Institute of Technology students, to pilot-test the Embr Wave Thermal Bracelet. Over the course of the five-week study, seventeen employees of EYP’s Boston office will wear the Embr Wave Thermal Bracelet during their workday and provide feedback about their experiences.

Improved Workplace Ventilation Shown in Studies to Double Cognitive Function Scores

by Leigh Stringer

EYP's Leigh Stringer, in collaboration with research partners Eileen McNeely, and Joe Allen with the TH Chan Harvard School of Public Health share how to identify and measure drivers of wellness in a recent article for Tradeline Inc.

Tradeline Report: Convergence Science Empowers Research Innovation

Brookhaven National Labs

In a new article for Tradeline Inc., EYP's Chris Baylow and Jeff Schantz share how today’s scientific researchers are improving their productivity, research outcomes, and technological advances by using the knowledge of many disciplines. This emerging field of “convergence science” goes beyond traditional collaboration to the much larger intellectual intersection of engineering, physical sciences, life sciences, and other disciplines, plus big data.

Author Q&A: Leigh Stringer on The Healthy Workplace

Leigh Stringer shares the origin story of The Healthy Workplace, and why health is an important topic for the industry and for business in general, in this article for Work Design Magazine.  She shares some surprising findings during research and describes “what a healthy workplace looks and feels like” based on her visits to many leading organizations that focus on health.

10 Bad Habits that Should be Banned from the Workplace Forever

Leigh Stringer shares some of the research from The Healthy Workplace with HR professionals. In this article for HR Voice, she discusses 10 habits that should be banned from the workplace altogether, such as working while sitting for long periods of time; working indoors all day; letting papers pile up; emailing on vacation; and not taking a vacation or going to work while sick.

10 Tips for Being Healthier and More Productive at Work

Leigh Stringer shares some of the research from her bestseller,  The Healthy Workplace, with technology professionals in this article for CIO Magazine.  Her 10 tips for improving productivity at work include building in flexibility as to how, when and where you work; leveraging “biophilia”; leveraging choice architecture; and creating nudges to encourage healthy behaviors in the workspace.

Creating Ideal Work Spaces: An Interview with Leigh Stringer

Pete Mockaitis interviews thought-leaders and results-getters for his How to Be Awesome at Your Job podcast to discover specific, actionable insights that boost work performance.  In this episode, he asks Leigh Stringer about how the workplace can impact health, engagement and productivity.

Healthy Workplaces Are Critical to Business Success

Leigh Stringer shares the business case for healthy and engaged employees with Contract Magazine.“Clearly, human health is a driving force for business growth. But how can the built environment play a more meaningful role? Besides the obvious solutions, such as providing sit-stand desks and access to natural light, how can workplace design positively impact health and, ultimately, human performance?” This article includes five particularly compelling workplace strategies.

Exercise desks and motion-sensing furniture: The new realm of active office products

by Leigh Stringer

Fit Women Running on Treadmill

Leigh Stringer, LEED AP, EYP's workplace strategy expert, brings her exceptional insight into the subject of the ergonomic workplace - what works and what needs improvement.

How Much "Ability" do you Need?

by Jeff Schantz

Science changes constantly, so science buildings need to constantly change. Having the ability to change quickly and affordably has always been a challenge. We have five strategies to help our clients understand the tradeoffs between cost and capability...