About EYP

EYP Inc. is a global provider of high-performance building design, research, and consulting services. Our 650+ professionals work across sixteen offices in the United States and Europe.

United by Purpose

We are five sectors - Higher Education, Government, Healthcare, Science & Technology, and Energy - who work as one firm. Together, our award-winning teams of EYP Architecture & Engineering, WHR Architects, and The Weidt Group® address some of the most critical issues facing our nation.

Expertise Driven Design

We believe that knowledge is as critical to great design as creativity. Expertise - the deep knowledge that comes from research and experience - enables us to harness creativity in ways that deliver exceptional value to clients. Creativity in turn drives us to explore, question, and continuously advance our understanding of how the built environment influences human behavior - and how buildings and their systems impact the natural environment. The fusion of expertise and creativity realizes dynamic design that performs – for people, purpose, and planet – to enrich human experience.

Building Performance