Drewry Family Emergency Center

, Comanche County Memorial Hospital

Lawton, OK

Patient floor
waiting room
Medical equipment
Medical equipment
Emergency Department entrance

As one of the busiest emergency centers in the state, the 30,000-square-foot expansion has enabled the community hospital to see 50 percent more patients. The hospital is considered the regional referral center in Southwest Oklahoma. The project added specialty care areas to the ER, such as advanced diagnostic care and five, level 3 trauma rooms, which ensure patients can receive compassionate and prompt care that saves lives.

The efficient layout provides clear sight lines from the centralized nurse station throughout the emergent care area. The "pull to full" clinical process helps minimize wait times and decrease patient turn-around times. The design is spacious and comfortable for patients, visitors and staff.

The existing emergency department was renovated in the second phase so that the hospitals' services were accessible during construction. Shell space can provide additional beds as future growth demands. Also, the existing ground heliport was relocated to the roof of the new addition.

Building Facts

  • 45,728 SF, new and renovation
  • 38 treatment rooms
  • 5 trauma rooms
  • 2 behavioral health bays
  • Rooftop heliport landing pad