Behavioral Health

Emotional well-being is as important as physical health. Each year approximately one quarter of the population suffers from mental health disorder.

The Fulton State Hospital in Motion

The first-of-its-kind facility connects distinctive living areas by a central town square-like mall.

Healthcare Design Magazine features the Nixon Forensic Center at Fulton State Hospital for its leading-edge design that focuses on healing, recovery, and safety.

Building Organization

To reduce the length of circulation and establish site fit, the 12 residential units at Fulton State Hospital were paired into six starlike clusters which allowed glazing and views from every room. The curvilinear circulation lines minimize walking distances to reduce staff stress and provide faster collegial connectivity in times of need. The intersection of a central spine and a cross corridor creates four courtyards—one for each of the program community.

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(This is) the finest state facility for mental patients anywhere in the United States.

Jay Nixon Former Governor of Missouri

Let’s create healing environments that empower a community suffering from mental illness to find hope.