Academic Innovation

Discovery learning requires flexible, creative spaces that inspire and accommodate collaboration and hands-on invention.

Inspiring Results

Bryant University

Academic Innovation Center

Reinterpreting boundaries activates the campus of the future.

Revolutionizing Undergraduate STEM Education at Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech classroom

Tradeline explores how Virginia Tech is leading the way to transforming the collegiate academic experience with a facility that promotes team-based active learning. In this article, Jill Sible, assistant provost for undergraduate education, discusses specific innovations that characterize the inventive design, including the SCALE-UP (Student Centered Active Learning Environments for Undergraduate Programs) classroom; the classatory, a hybrid classroom/lab; and T-search, a hybrid model of research and teaching lab.

Reaching New Heights

Allied Health

VCU Allied Health magazine talks to Lead Designer Rob McClure, Health Education Expert Jennifer Amster, and Project Director Eric Kern about the inspiration for and progress on the new Allied Health Building. The facility is designed to support game-changing interprofessional education - and to make a bold architectural statement about the University's commitment to advancing next-generation healthcare delivery. 


Reinventing a Campus Icon

exterior view

The Pennsylvania State University

Steidle Building

After more than 100 years, Steidle is once again a leading-edge facility for collaborative research in Material Science & Engineering.

Building Performance

Hands-on Learning by Making

Lehigh University

Mountaintop Campus

Breakthrough spaces are helping higher education transform how students learn, and how faculty teach.


The Maker Movement… What’s Next?

by Kip Ellis, Toni Loiacano

Trinity Cube

The Maker experience represents a profound change in how things are being created today, which in turn requires a paradigm shift in how and where students can most effectively be educated.

Think / Model / Make

Trinity University

Center for the Sciences & Innovation (CSI)

An inventive Makerspace has helped increased STEM enrollment at Trinity University, a #1 ranked liberal arts university. "The Cube" accommodates variously sized groups with movable walls, mobile team stations, and gigantic garage doors to support both presentations and hands-on individual or collaborative work .

Innovation Advancing Mission Collaborative Space

Makerspaces on the Rise for Interdisciplinary Higher Education

by Toni Loiacano

Trinity Cube

This article from High Profile explores what makes makerspaces such engaging learning environments for students from all disciplines. Drawing on her lab planning and STEM research experience, the author explains the Think/Model/Make design concept with examples from her favorite makerspace - Trinity University's unique innovation center, "The Cube."