Renewable Energy Global Headquarters

, General Electric

Schenectady, NY

GE 53 night view
GE 53 full building view
GE 53 before modernization
Side view
Side view before
work space
glass walled lobby

Adaptive use of this 100-year-old structure demonstrates GE’s commitment to celebrating its legacy, living its sustainable energy brand, and cultivating an inspiring, creative workplace. Removing two bays of the building opened space for a dramatic atrium with a visible 24/7 worldwide wind energy monitoring center that enhances the visitor experience.

Energy modeling informed a high-performance design that uses 25% less energy than a comparable ASHRAE 90.1-2004 baseline building. A new, highly efficient building envelope, designed to express the cutting-edge R&D that takes place within Building 53, contributes to a high-tech aesthetic that celebrates the GE brand. A cantilevered sunshade “blade” off the main entry references wind turbine technology.

A critical data center was doubled in size and operated without interruption during construction. Advanced communication, computer, and security requirements were carefully integrated into the design. Raised floor systems throughout the facility maximize flexibility and ease of access.

Building Facts

  • 205,000 GSF
  • LEED Silver certified
  • 24/7 global wind energy monitoring center
  • Conference area
  • Data center
  • Executive suites
  • R&D facilities
  • Visitor center