Campus Consolidation

, Pace University

Pleasantville, NY


Before the University could complete its transformation from a primarily commuter to a residential culture, it needed to close one campus. A new Master Plan guided the sustainable transformation, focusing resources to create a more attractive - and ultimately more competitive - student experience. To meet the University's strategic objectives, the first phase of implementation created three distinct zones: a new campus entrance and arrival sequence; a new campus core with open green space; and improved integration of the upper campus.

Building Facts

  • 200 acres
  • 380,000 GSF total
  • 760 beds total
  • 125,000 GSF Alumni Hall
  • 101,000 GSF Elm Hall
  • 62,250 GSF Student Center
  • 1,600 GSF Environmental Center classroom (LEED Gold certified)
  • Teaching Pavilion

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