Saint Elizabeths Hospital


Washington, DC

Located on the historic St. Elizabeths campus, the new facility models best practices in modern, recovery-based treatment for forensic psychiatric residential patients as well as civil outpatients. Parallel program areas separate the populations to ensure safety and security. Within the expansive complex, neighborhoods of spacious hallways function as “streets,” fostering a sense of community while also providing broad angles for observation, clear circulation, and security.

The large building footprint is organized to reduce visible mass and provide resident privacy. Secure gardens allow patients access to staff-supervised outdoor areas. A 16-bed transitional residence is designed to prepare patients for independent living.

Building Facts

  • 468,000 GSF
  • 290 patients
  • 16-bed transitional residence
  • Long Term facility

The hospital focuses on creating an environment that mirrors the world into which... patients will aspire