Music Building Concert Hall

, University of North Texas

Denton, TX

View of orchestra on stage

To support the University’s internationally recognized College of Music, we reinvented a 635-seat auditorium as an intimate, 300-seat recital hall suitable for chamber music, small ensemble, and choral performances. Ground-level balconies serve as box seats, and parterre seating added to the side sections narrow the hall while improving acoustical properties.

The design of the original 1950s building, expanded in 1976, had located the concert hall stage directly over the building’s central plant, whose chillers, pumps, and air distribution ducts presented significant noise challenges to the performers above. Achieving optimal acoustics required a delicate balance of absorption of unwanted sound, fine-tuning of performance sound reverberation, and adequate spatial volume to capture desired sound.

Building Facts

  • 13,000 GSF