Acadia National Park, Headquarters Campus

, US National Park Service

Bar Harbor, ME

Cement path surrounded by shrubs and trees, leading towards a metal building
Patio along the side of a building, surrounded by trees and shrubs
Multipurpose room with movable tables and chairs
Wood paneled corridor with views into a room with movable tables and chairs

Acadia National Park, the oldest national park in the northeast, is home to lush woodlands, shimmering lakes, and jaw-dropping views of the Atlantic Ocean. To protect the park’s 50,000 acres of land and serve its 3.4 million annual visitors, Acadia’s dedicated administrative and maintenance staff work from a 10-acre campus inside the park. EYP is working with the National Park Service (NPS) to reimagine and reconstruct this campus with new, safe, and energy efficient structures, improving the staff experience.

Campus Master Plan

EYP and NPS evaluated opportunities to redesign the campus to increase operational efficiency, improve site circulation, address viewshed issues, and mitigate risks to the adjacent watershed. The revised layout accommodates 80,000 square feet of new buildings along with new roadways, parking areas, and site utilities. It also removes more than 20,000 square feet of unsafe park structures.

New Maintenance Facility

Following the master plan, EYP designed a new 27,000-square-foot maintenance operations complex, which increases capacity, improves accessibility, and addresses climate change. The facility includes workshops, offices, and storage for the maintenance staff, as well as a large multipurpose space that accommodates 80 people for campus-wide meetings.

Acadia is one of the most beautiful undisturbed landscapes in the United States, so protecting its natural resources was a critical goal for the new facility. We derived its form, color, and orientation from careful analysis of the existing landscape and environmental conditions, and we used virtual models and physical mockups to assess the visual impact of design options. Every aspect of the design was informed by this process, from the angle of the roof to the strategic reforestation of the existing site.

Building Facts

  • 10-acre site
  • 80,000 GSF new construction

Protecting the Great American Outdoors

Acadia National Park staff maintain public facilities in the park along with 158 miles of hiking trails, 45 miles of carriage roads, 27 miles of vehicle roads, and 17 historic bridges. This project, one of the first funded under the Great American Outdoors Act, supports park staff and their work while improving critical infrastructure.