Community Outreach

EYP Outreach provides the opportunity to enrich and transform lives and our communities through Philanthropy, Volunteerism and Pro-Bono Design work. Our collective effort facilitates meaningful connections between our offices and provides the opportunity for team building and self-development in a fun and creative environment.

We challenge ourselves and our peers to do more, to go above and beyond our regular duties for the common good. We seek out opportunities to lead, to mentor and improve our communities, leveraging our collective talents while building rich, meaningful relationships with each other and our communities.


Boston Brews Support for Coffee Farmers in Puerto Rico

EYP Boston is supporting conservation practices, contour farming techniques, and small Puerto Rico coffee fruit growers by providing A&E design services for a coffee processing facility near Ponce PR and owned by Jose L. Sanchez Montalvo who wants to educate coffee growers on organic natural resources conservation practices to minimize erosion and improve production and quality.


The African Children’s Hospital of Ghana

EYP Atlanta is developing a conceptual design package, including plans, elevations, and renderings, to facilitate and strengthen a fundraising effort to benefit the construction of the African Children’s Hospital of Ghana. This regional women’s and children’s hospital will provide affordable, modern medical care essential to the rapidly growing country of Ghana and other West African countries.


What’s Possible For Your Community?

Moses Waindi Senior Project Architect