With its blue skies and mountain views, the Mile-High City is one of the most beautiful cities in the nation, and our office is keeping pace with Denver’s tremendous growth and development. What’s driving our progress? People! Our team is nimble, industrious and committed to supporting each other and our clients. Bringing thought leadership in healthcare, science & technology, and higher education, we’re a full-service office that’s willing to climb the highest mountain to tackle your challenges.

1801 Wewatta Street
11th Floor
Denver, CO 80202

303 573 9210

Joining EYP Denver through the Tradewell Fellowship was the best decision of my career – I’m constantly learning, growing, and receiving mentorship and insight from the leading voices in our industry. The Denver office perfectly blends the exciting projects and resources of a large firm with the close relationships and culture of a small office, all united in our pursuit of excellence and growth.

Jack Reed Tradewell Fellow
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Join the Legacy

The Tradewell Fellowship offers aspiring healthcare architects exceptional career-building opportunities. Named in honor of the late Gary Tradewell, a former Vice President and Medical Planner, it is the most established fellowship of its kind with over two decades of legacy and counting.

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Dodging the Slings and Arrows

Its not all work at EYP Denver! We ventured our for a night of Archery Dodgeball - nerf-ball-tipped arrows and protective face masks ensured everyone survived the night out.

Our Team

Akshay Sangolli

Managing Principal - Denver, Senior Medical Planner

Brandon Andow

Senior Building Performance Analyst

Kenneth Carbonari

Project Director

Jessica A. Petro

Lead Designer, Landscape Architect

Hank Burns

Project Architect and Quality Director

Brent Oldbury

Project Architect

Hailey Roberts

Project Designer

Jody Beasley

Regional Business Development Leader

Scott Allen

Senior Project Director