Emergency Departments

Efficiently designed critical care spaces provide privacy, help patients cope with stress, and allow staff to rapidly respond when every second counts.

Stamford Lobby interior

New Stamford Hospital

Stamford Hospital

Acute Care

Healing reimagined: focus on human experience enhances patient outcomes.


Children's Hospital of San Antonio (CHOSA)


Children’s Health

Designing hospitals for children is an art as well as a science.

Emergency entrance to CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital

Women & Children's Hospital & Emergency Department Expansion

CHRISTUS St. Frances Cabrini Hospital

Children’s Health

A strategic framework guides long-term campus growth and addresses short-term community needs.

Entrance to Emergency Department at Hopkins County Memorial Hospital

Emergency Department & Bed Tower Expansion

CHRISTUS Mother Frances Hospital

Specialty Care

Optimizing a process-driven workplace decreases medical errors, increases efficiency, and enhances patient satisfaction.

With EYP as our strategic partner, we were able to prioritize a variety of planned projects and map a strategy for the phasing of our major campus renovation (starting with a brand-new ED). We worked together to leverage resources fully maximizing the outcome of our effort.

Stamford Hospital Kathy Sillard, COO
Trauma - Memorial Hermann Life Flight

Trauma: Extreme Emergency Care

When discussing Trauma care, the medical community characterizes our national shortage as, "where you live determines if you live." No where is that more true than in Houston's metropolitan area. With a Metro population of 6.5 million over roughly 10,000 square miles, access to emergency care for the most life threatening injuries is limited to only two Level One Trauma Centers, both located in the Texas Medical Center.

Over the past 3 decades, EYP has been Memorial Hermann's design partner in systematically expanding and improving the hospital's nationally recognized trauma capabilities. The latest step in this process has been the creation of the Red Duke Trauma Institute, which "brings together a world-class team of clinicians, researchers and educators armed with the latest in research and technology to deliver comprehensive, life-saving services to the residents of the Gulf Coast region." As part of this initiative, EYP designed a greatly expanded Trauma Center, significantly increasing surgical and diagnostic capabilities as well as a new 1,340,000 SF Patient Tower to serve as the backbone of the New Institute.

Community Impact Innovation

Dedicated Treatment Areas

Community demographics help shape emergency departments. Supporting 65,000 annual visits, Stamford Hospital’s ED is the first in its area to dedicate spaces for cardiac, behavioral health, trauma, and pediatric treatment. The Pediatric ED, for example, is specifically designed to address the unique medical and emotional needs of children, from newborns to teenagers, to help make distressing situations less traumatic.

Healthcare Design Research

Healthcare institutions are designing emergency departments that address the ever-evolving needs of patients, staff, and visitors. Medical Construction & Design discusses new trends in ED design, including open team workstations and layouts planned to minimize wait and patient turnaround times.

Experiential Design

Children's Hospital of San Antonio (CHOSA)


We doubled the size of the ED and designed it to serve as the main entrance.  “Spirit of the River” design features add a touch of serenity as they assist wayfinding. Learn more about this transformative project from Healthcare Design.

Emergency Department Model

Optimizing Your Plan

To ensure we understand critical day-to-day behaviors and the necessary components of varying user spaces, our working sessions with you include healthcare role-playing scenarios. 3-D models enable you to easily demonstrate how you work and allow you to quickly test (and discard) various options. This active discovery process facilitates decision-making about critical equipment adjacencies and clarifies details of efficiency, ease, and protocol, ultimately helping build consensus across multidisciplinary care teams. Early identification of optimal ICU room layouts efficiently advances your design project and avoids costly changes in later phases of the work.

A renowned leader in patient-centered healing, Stamford Health details the innovative zoning of their new ED in Healthline, where different colors signify patients' level of acuity, supporting operational flow and patient privacy. Built with staff in mind, this emergency department supports a high-response level that ensures the needs of patients and their families are met.