1. NIHD Webinar: Health Facility Performance Evaluation

    Houston, TX June 24, 2020

    This presentation will provide multiple ways to measure the success of the post-move state of Houston Methodist Hospital after one year of operation. As the hospital started designing the second phase of this project, the project team gathered vast amounts of lessons learned from the Phase 1 tower. The team will present the design strategy, including optimizing processes, creating safe environments, and patient and staff well-being, and share the outcomes of the project such as post-move results. They will discuss the various findings, which are not only quantitative and qualitative measurements, but also valuable lessons learned from the multidisciplinary staffs during operation in the OR, cath lab, and the ICU.


  1. People with Impact: Connecting with Nature to Heal, to Calm, and to Inform Design

    Online July 12-1PM EST, 2020

    An interactive conversation that explores the positive impacts of nature on people.