Managing Principal - Austin, Project Executive


As someone who spent nine years completing three degrees, I love that I’m still engaged in Higher Education 35 years after I started. To me, nothing is more rewarding than seeing the impact of our academic and student life facilities on student success at colleges and universities throughout the country.

Every architectural opportunity in higher education is unique – differing priorities, cultures, identities, and campus contexts. By appreciating these differences, especially the subtle ones, I bring together the right people with the right expertise to collaborate with you and pursue fresh design solutions. We listen to you. We explore with you. We create something together that is entirely unique to your specific needs.

So how will you know the magnitude of the innovation that we’ve achieved? You’ll know it when you see peer institutions replicating your design on their campuses. You’ll know it when you see your students excelling. You’ll know it when you feel the same pride that I do about your positive, lasting impact on Higher Education.