Courtney Janes NCIDQ, LEED AP

Project Manager

Senior Associate

I view interior planning and designs as a calling. My favorite part of my career is helping EYP’s clients define and articulate the types of spaces they need to advance their missions. In working through functional needs, user policies, and workplace culture, I challenge our clients to step back and rethink their vision for the future. I take pride in equipping our clients with the vocabulary, research, and trends that drive today’s interior space design to make educated decisions about their facilities.

As an interior designer, project manager, and workplace specialist, I guide projects from conception to user move-in and beyond. And because ‘workplace’ encompasses any place that people do work, I spend time with clients across all EYP’s sectors. For the past 15 years, I’ve worked with government agencies, top educational institutions, and healthcare providers to keep their interior spaces forward-thinking, dynamic, and effective.

What type of workspace will best help you and your staff meet your goals in creative and efficient new ways? Let’s collaborate to find solutions that enhance your workplace.