David Deis AIA, LEED AP

Managing Principal - Atlanta, Senior Project Director


I'm an Artist, Furniture Designer, Architect, and Managing Principal of EYP's Atlanta office. My art and furniture explore the connection between bodies and objects and have been included in exhibitions and publications in Atlanta, Birmingham, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York City. Likewise, my architectural work aims to enrich the relationships between people and places in multi-family housing, hospitality, higher education, performing and visual arts, and pediatric healthcare projects.

Common in all my work, large and small, is a keen interest in making palpable memories. I see my role in design as a catalyst to inspire people to create stories about their experiences in architectural space. And in this context, I've discovered that the best way to assure a successful — and memorable —outcome is by gaining a thorough knowledge of a user's unique needs.

Nowhere has the making of memories been more appreciable than with my work in pediatric healthcare. In designing for children, I look for ways to capture their imagination through wonder, whimsy, and discovery to create immersive journeys for them that are timeless, expansive, and engaging. The goal is to suspend the natural fears and fatigue children may experience from long-term care. Likewise, I listen closely to caregivers' needs, who require highly effective spaces to enable quality medical care balanced with areas for calm respite and reflection. Working with the user, I'm honored to support their journey through curative spaces that embrace stories for healing.