David Deis AIA, LEED AP

Managing Principal - Atlanta, Senior Project Director


As Artist, Architect, and Managing Principal of EYP’s Atlanta office, I get to experience a variety of professional roles that give me a distinctive viewpoint in the world of design. A common thread through all my work, large and small, is a keen interest in making palpable memories. Creating memorable design experiences requires thorough research and exploration, strategic partnerships with key stakeholders, careful listening, mindful empathy, and meticulous attention to detail.

Nowhere has my unique design perspective been more impactful and memorable than creating a dynamic culture of learning in the Atlanta office. It is a workplace that encourages play and exploration and celebrates discovery, where all voices are equal and equitable. And in the passionate exchange of emergent design thought, the Atlanta office embodies the richness and spirit of its innovative, entrepreneurial, and multi-cultural city.