Senior Project Director, Behavioral Health


Designing spaces that foster healing and recovery for some of society’s most vulnerable people is my passion. For over 25 years, behavioral health planning and project management have allowed me to work side-by-side with some of the nation’s leading psychiatric clinicians and hospital directors.

How can we design places that better enable patients to experience therapeutic success? How can we support facility leadership and practitioners to strengthen their ability to better perform this critical work? Modern psychiatric facilities have varying missions and patient types. Identifying the key drivers that support each facility’s therapy protocol can often result in customized design solutions — that’s how we meet specialized needs.

Leading EYP’s Behavioral Health group allows me to work with many facilities, from very large to small and from outpatient to forensic, and understand their unique challenges. I have enjoyed sharing stories and experiences through seminars, articles, and client workshops. And I look forward to our collaboration, as well as our ongoing research, as we strive to continually improve the therapeutic nature of our designs for you and your patients.