Lead Interior Designer

Associate Principal

I've spent my career helping clients manage change. Change can be daunting, but it can also be exciting and hopeful. Change drives innovation; it gives people a sense of purpose and creates opportunities for your employees, customers, and clients to thrive.

As a former real estate marketing executive, I understand the challenges that come with managing your space needs. My goal is to design resilient, technologically advanced spaces that keep people engaged and allow them to make connections with others to advance their ideas. Creating healthy, functional spaces that have a measurable positive impact on the people that use them helps my clients achieve their strategic goals.

I believe that our obligation as designers is to sustain our planet for future generations. For this reason, I love modernizing old buildings – a chance to preserve architectural history while delivering modern, flexible workplaces that serve today's users' needs. To me, sustainability means designing for the long term, selecting interior finishes and systems that have a low impact on the environment and finding ways to repurpose existing systems and recycle existing materials.