Nate Meade AIA, LEED AP

Lead Designer

Associate Principal

Cultivating a design concept from sketch to the built environment is what inspires me. And creating meaningful spaces to engage with the community motivates me. I’m an architect, passionate for the creative process. An artist, striving to evoke emotion. And a student, continuously in search of inspiration and improvement.

As a lead designer at EYP, it is my role to guide you through the design discovery process. What are your aspirations and what can design do to support them? I constantly challenge our team to realize your vision of “what’s possible?”

I am curious by nature, always asking why. Because of my passion for continuous learning, leading EYP’s Research Lab comes as a natural extension of my design responsibilities. Through research, we gain a deeper understanding of client, context, and history. Like a great composer intimately understanding how each instrument produces sound, designers must also understand the various influences on the built environment—technical, social, and environmental—to achieve a harmonious design. That challenge is what gets me up every morning.