Lead Interior Designer, Interior Design National Group Leader Coordinator


Beauty and potential found within all people and all things inspire me. And interior design enables me to balance science, nature, and design by creating spatial experiences that influence how we feel, think, and interact.

How can spaces enhance your culture? Let’s begin answering that question by forming relationships and working together to ensure your environment reflects your vision and voice. I always look forward to helping you cultivate your ideal workplace and seeing our collective ideas realized as you walk through your finished space.

Working with healthcare and academic institutions, my 22 years of diverse experience has taught me that everyone has a purpose within the missions and communities they serve. Whether it be improving lives, sculpting the next generation of leaders, or discovering scientific breakthroughs, let’s create healthy, meaningful environments that allow you to focus on what matters most — people.

Inspiration and ideas start with you. Let’s begin to envision “What’s possible?”