People-centered Design

by Tushar Gupta, Mark Vaughan

June 01, 2014

We believe that we are human beings, caring for other human beings. That simple, profound statement is at the top of the list of Planetree beliefs.

Although not every hospital is a part of the Planetree organization, an international advocacy group that partners with healthcare providers to create and support patient-centered care and cultures, healthcare facilities across the country are keenly focused on caring for patients, families and, just as importantly, staff.

Physicians, nurses and other clinical staff are on the frontlines of the healthcare system. In order to provide spaces and equipment to deliver the highest quality of care 24/7, medical planners, architects and designers are involving them closely in the earliest stages of project development. Clinical staff has a personal stake in creating the most effective environment for patients and for themselves. Major decisions taken as part of a participatory planning process are an investment in future success.

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Tushar Gupta

Managing Principal - Houston, Design Principal

Mark Vaughan

National Director of Medical Planning