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November 15, 2021

Jessica joined EYP to oversee the growth of our Sustainable Landscapes practice. Based in Denver, Jessica is working on projects across all offices and market sectors. Continue reading to learn more about Jessica and her passion for sustainable landscape design. 

Tell us about your background. What led you here?

I have a diverse background – Business, Fine Arts, Fashion Merchandising, and Landscape Architecture – the uniting thread is enhancing design with the user’s experience in mind.

Being a landscape architect is the right fit for me. I grew up in eastern Connecticut, surrounded by the woods, spending summers at the local YMCA camp. Being in nature is grounding, influential, and inspirational, so creating experiences for human intervention in the landscape is one of my main drivers.

What are you passionate about?

I love designing spaces grounded in their environments, urban or natural settings that are equally intuitive, sensitive, cost-effective, and not prescriptive. I’m also passionate about advocating for the site. Each site has existing functioning systems that can support health and well-being, and responsible design enhances or restores these systems. The fact that EYP’s interdisciplinary design approach allows for early site integration, leading to cohesive designs that strongly tie to the building through visual and physical connectivity, really excites me.

What does ‘sustainable landscapes’ mean to you?

Sustainable landscapes are resilient, contextually sensitive to their surroundings, and connected to the fabric and community. It’s important to understand the whole site, how it functions with its natural and manmade systems, and how interventions will affect it. This understanding results in sustainable landscapes that ground the building, support infrastructure, and serve as a healthy, living ecosystem.

Jessica A. Petro

Lead Designer, Landscape Architect

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