The Tradewell Fellowship

Focused, fast-track exposure to collaborating with clients and thought leaders positions tomorrow's medical planners and designers for rapid career advancement to design, build, and heal.

Named in honor of the late Gary Tradewell, a former Vice President and Medical Planner, the Tradewell Fellowship offers aspiring healthcare architects exceptional career-building opportunities. Established in 1997, the fellowship provides one year's employment with EYP, as well as funding to attend a national healthcare conference. By the end of their fellowship year, participants are well positioned for career advancement and leadership roles.

EYP is now accepting applications for the 2019-2020 Tradewell Fellowship. Applications are due Friday, January 18, 2019. Download the Application Instructions and Apply HERE!

Tradwell Fellow

Learn, Grow, Achieve

Tradewell Fellows are introduced to our collaborative design methods by working closely with senior medical planners and healthcare clients on master planning and design projects. Fellows also benefit from the unique experience and career guidance that comes from working with leaders in the healthcare industry and having access to in-house educational presentations, as well as to the network of Tradewell alumni. The ideal fellowship candidate is a dedicated professional who wants to be a lifelong learner and mentor to others. In order to develop particular expertise in an area of his or her interest, each Fellow selects a topic related to the design of healing spaces and creates a body of work suitable for presentation and/or publication.

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With the firm’s culture rooted in innovation, diversity, and promoting a collaborative environment, I believe that this year-long leadership development program is a crucial initial step for my first year as a post graduate practitioner in healthcare architecture.

Wenz Tuttle Tradewell Fellow

Alumni Network

No two Tradewell Fellowships have ever been the same, but all have proven a significant milestone in the careers of the program's alumni. Nearly half of our Fellows have stayed with our firm to become leaders in medical planning and design.

Tradewell Alumni

    • 2009 - Kelly Thomas
    • 2008 - Diana Anderson
    • 2007 - Diane Griffin
    • 2006 - Elizabeth Schmitz
    • 2005 - Shouvik Chakraborty
    • 2004 - Hilal Ozcan
    • 2003 - Sarah (Henry) Fronick
    • 2002 - Bhargav Goswami
    • 2001 - Paula Cepparo
    • 2000 - Tushar Gupta
    • 1999 - Dera-Jill Lamontagne
    • 1998 - Lia Rodi
    • 1997 - Maurie Duderstadt Gray

    Retroactive Fellows

    • Victor Lange
    • Mark Vaughan
    • Leslie Stubblefield
    • William Schlein

    Guidance and Inspiration

    Since the establishment of the Fellowship, five successive Curators have advanced Gary Tradewell's vision of healing environments, collaborative design, mentorship, and knowledge sharing. The Curator is responsible for mentoring the Fellow, coordinating project assignments, and organizing Tradewell events and deadlines, and representing the Fellowship within and outside the firm. Each Curator embodies the firm's commitment to excellence through guiding and inspiring tomorrow's thought leaders.

    Tradewell Fellows

    Join the Legacy

    The Tradewell Fellowship is a unique program which encourages motivated young professionals to create their own career path and contribute original research to the profession. Articles or chapters by past Fellows have appeared in publications including Design for Critical Care: An Evidence-Based Approach, Designing for Multidisciplinary Rounding Practices in the Critical Care Setting, and Society for Critical Care Medicine’s Guidelines for Intensive Care Unit Design.

    • For more information about the Tradewell Fellowship Program, please contact one of our recent Fellows at