Atlanta shines through its vibrant arts scene. From architecture to interiors to graphics, art is the glue between everything we do. It’s our common language and how we connect with the community. Drop by our office to visit our gallery, where each quarter we feature a new artist, and let’s chat about design, engineering and innovation. Exchanging design ideas is at the heart of what we do, and we think a little southern hospitality goes a long way towards a great conversation.

100 Peachtree St. NW
Atlanta, GA 30303

404 524 2200

Culture Club Creativity

The Atlanta Culture Club dispensed a series of weekly surveys ranging in topics from movies, snacks and cereals, to life goals and hobbies. What music is playing in your quarantine soundtrack? Do you prefer M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces or Skittles? What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Everyone then banded together to create a series of Infographics representing the survey results. While working from home, this gave us an opportunity to get to know our colleagues and flex our design muscles!


EYP Atlanta’s Gallery 100

Gallery 100 is our very own art gallery that we run out of the Atlanta office. More than a space to view regional art, Gallery 100 is a reminder to explore, experience, and breathe. It is a place of conversation and the exchange of ideas and perspectives.

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The Tradewell Fellowship logo

Join the Legacy

The Tradewell Fellowship offers aspiring healthcare architects exceptional career-building opportunities. Named in honor of the late Gary Tradewell, a former Vice President and Medical Planner, it is the most established fellowship of its kind with over two decades of legacy and counting.

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Our Team

David Deis

Managing Principal - Atlanta, Senior Project Director

Brandon Allen

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Chris Bowles

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Robyn Canady

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Brenda Dietz

Lead Interior Designer

Portia Ellis

Studio Design Principal

Deborah Fritz

Senior Project Director

Godfrey Gaisie

Lead Designer

Donald Glitsis

Project Executive

Rebecca Karlowicz

Medical Planner

Robin Kirkman

Lead Interior Designer

Vanessa Lampe Heimbuch

Senior Project Director

Tracy Lemons

Children's Health & EGD Marketing Manager

Phuong Nguyen

Senior Experiential Graphic Designer

Veronique Pryor

Senior Project Director

Rebecca Ross

Project Manager

Burn Sears

Senior Project Director

Moses Waindi

Senior Project Architect

Sarah Walter

Senior Medical Planner

Angela Kwon

Experiential Graphic Designer

Erika Nadal

Project Coordinator

Kimberly Stanley

Healthcare Sector Leader

Madison Montgomery

Project Designer