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, University of Houston

Houston, TX

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Earning Tier 1 research status is a game changer! For the University of Houston, this recognition meant access to better funding sources, attractiveness to nationally recognized faculty and staff, and increased enrollment of highly competitive students.

But how do you serve the best and brightest with an outdated student center where all the services are buried in the basement? It was time for the Student Center to reflect the University’s new status.

Today, the Student Center serves the most important members of the UH community – the students. With early buy-in from the student government, the modernization of the original 1960s University Center was an active design process with constant input from the students.

The Team traded the Brutalist concrete facade for expansive glass windows and an open floor plan where you bump into student services around every turn.

Study spaces float above the main central stair where the heart of campus glows in Cougar Nation’s best and brightest red. Here you’ll find students studying, catching up with friends between classes, or preparing for that next big presentation.

Standing front and center, the new student services space is hard to miss, whether you’re making your way down to the bowling alley or grabbing your favorite go-to meal in the food court. Follow the buttery smell of fresh popcorn to the 450-seat theater downstairs. After a long day of studying in the newly renovated Student Center, it’s time to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

All in, the Student Center is open, bright, and engaging. It’s the perfect showcase of student pride and school spirit.

WTW Architects was Associate Architect.

Building Facts

  • 92,000 GSF Modernization
  • 240,000 GSF New Construction
  • Bowling Alley
  • 450-Seat Theater
  • Food Court

Spaces that Inspire Tomorrow’s Professionals

The University of Houston Student Center makes commuter students feel at home with ample space to socialize, study, and grab a bite to eat in between classes.

Welcome to Our New Student Center

Join grad student Erika for a tour of all the exciting new facility has to offer: food court, game room, theater, spaces for study, socializing, meetings - and more.

For me looking back, the big thing was the whole change in attitude about giving the students a place on campus. It was about them, and by them, and for them.

John Smith
John Smith Managing Principal - Los Angeles, Design Principal