Empathetic and innovative design delivery balances human touch and technology to improve patient outcomes and promote caregiver well-being.

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Planetree is an approach to healthcare that puts people first; it’s person-centered care. But what does that mean in terms of design? Learn how Stamford Hospital uses Planetree Principles to connect patients, caregivers, families, and the community to create a holistic healthcare experience.

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Our integrated architecture, engineering, interiors, graphics, and IT team offers real solutions, right now to help you assess, prioritize, and implement initiatives to get you back on track.

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The path ahead will not be easy. We will be dealing with the fallout of the ‘virus that paused the world’ for years to come. But the way forward is rooted in building healthier communities and in strategies that put a priority on public health.

Kimberly Stanley headshot Kimberly Stanley, AIA Healthcare Sector Leader